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There are many things that a boater in the state of New York should know and understand about boating insurance. The criteria and requirements with regards to boating insurance are not very complicated to understand and we would like to discuss them further. Although boat insurance may not necessarily require in the state of New York, we highly recommend that you consider it in the event that a disaster was to strike. We would all like to think that accidents or disasters will never happen to us especially when dealing with a boat in a wide open environment, but we can never be sure. If and when an accident was to happen, it can cause us thousands of dollars in losses.

In many instances, boat insurance can be required. If we plan on docking our boats in certain marinas or harbors, which many do, it can be required. It can also be required if we use our boats as collaterals for a loan to ensure that the bank can protect themselves in case their collateral is damaged, destroyed, or stolen. Riverhead, NY boat insurance agents can definitely help decide whether boat insurance is required on a case by case scenario.

One major reason why people may avoid purchasing boat insurance is because they are misled to believe that boats are covered under their home insurance policy. In some instances, our home insurance can provide insurance coverage for our boats if they’re smaller, but in most cases, boat insurance needs to be purchased separately to protect us from liability, provide boat coverage, and even medical coverage.

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