Credit Repair With David Braslow at International Financial Group Ltd.

David Braslow a credit repair specialist at International Financial Group Ltd’s headquarters located at 127 E. Main St Riverhead NY 11901 stated that over 80% of credit reports have errors on them that negatively affect FICO Scores.

Most people  do not realize that  issues may be on their credit report in error.  Such discrepancies can be corrected and rectified  with the guidance  of a credit repair advisor at International Financial Group Ltd.  Our company offers  affordable credit repair solutions.  Credit repair is for everyone that wants to improve their FICO score.

I explain to our clients that credit affects them in many ways. A lower FICO Score will lead to higher insurance cost, lower chance of home ownership, lower chance of car financing, and a landlord may refuse their application for an apartment rental.

Please don’t let your credit prevent you from a better quality of life that a strong FICO Score can provide.  My team and I are available to assist anyone that wants to learn more about the credit repair process. We offer a FREE Consultation and Credit Audit. NO Pressure to sign or use our services.


Thank you,

David Braslow

Credit Repair Specialist

International Financial Group Ltd.

Call 631-734-0390- ext 102

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