Happy New Year!

International Financial Group Ltd. wants us all to protect our planet’s precious resources.

As we approach the final hours of 2017 and plan for the possibilities of the near future we must ask ourselves what we can do better. We all say we’re going to change our diet, respect ourselves and others more, exercise and live healthier. I hope that everyone reached these most basic objectives. As a global objective, I feel we all need to protect our natural resources so we can have a better and healthier tomorrow. Together, we need to protect our forest, our water resources, and natures gifts to us.

The world is changing on a global level, Antarctica we all know of for starters. Imagine if the Megladon is still in existence, deep in the ocean where plastic and contaminated waste mankind dumps in the ocean is settling too. My son who dreams of the spectacular Megladon, my daughter who dreams of Mermaids. I don’t know if they exist, but I’ll do my part to protect them if they do in 2018 and beyond. Imagine all the unknown life forms and resources we are destroying by polluting our waters. Imagine, a cure for cancer may be at the bottom of the ocean. Imagine…

Most importantly I feel if we stop and take the time to imagine the possibilities, the “What If”, in our hectic lifestyles we may all be able to make a change. My goal in 2018 is to do my part on a daily basis to help protect our environment. If I see trash on the sidewalk I’ll do my best to pick it up. I’ll do my best, the best I can do to give back in 2018.

I wish everyone a Blessed Holiday Season and New Year!


Douglas J. Cabral

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